Welcome to the blog

Hello and welcome to The Power Torque Times, my blog where I will write about pretty much anything and everything that I wish to write about, and also vent any frustrations that I may feel or have with modern day life, as let’s face it, we all do.

So, what do I plan to write about here at The Power Torque Times. Well, as I stated in the opening, pretty much whatever I want, however the main aim of the content, which is indicated with the blog’s name, is anything car related, including motorsport.

Away from the car heavy content, album reviews could be a big part of the blog, reviewing what I have recently listened to whilst in the car, or just the latest releases that appeal to my music taste, which can be eclectic at best.

Other review based content could see films or television based reviews or just something that I want to write about, no matter how random it maybe. Moving away from the review content, anything in general that I want to write about or just rant about, which covers pretty much anything else.

Where do I see the blog going in the future? Well we all dream it becomes a hugely known blog worldwide, which would be great, but to have a nice following that makes all the work involved worth it is the more realistic aim.

As for my writing style, it’d more quality over quantity. I’d rather have a long gap between posts that are well researched, planned out and written than just write anything just to get a post out, as if I was a reader, I’d rather have it like that than just produce them for the sake of it.

One theme that will be common in what I write is the two to three sentence paragraphs. For me it makes it easier to read than if it was condensed into small paragraphs, it all depends on how I feel the piece is best written. That’s not to say long paragraphs won’t happen though.

Hopefully that covers everything you’d like to know, if you have any suggestions then feel free to let me know, If I like it, I may write about it, just let me know either in the comments section or contact option. Time to get writing the first real post for the blog, and this one is going to be an in-depth piece to start the content rolling.

Thanks for reading.



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